Closing Republican Arguments:

By: Guest contributor Gravelchuk.

(*Suggested conciliation speech by Republican’s on Health Care legislation)

A year ago we were forced to vote on an emergency 787 billion dollar “stimulus-jobs- bill” without adequate time to read and study it because it had to be done immediately.  Now we find out that we could have taken our time and removed quite a bit of pork that really has not created any jobs and is quite frankly an embarrassment to our legislative system.

Here we stand a year later and you are told, quote, “You must pass this bill on Sunday or you are against healthcare reform.”  This is utterly false!  Let me tell you what a yes and no vote really mean to Americans.

A vote of “no” is NOT a vote against healthcare reform as we have heard in speeches given by the President all over the country.

A vote “no” is ONLY a vote against this pile of 3,000+ convoluted pages and reports that we have not analyzed line by line and much of which has been amended and changed in the past 72 hours.

A vote “no” is not a vote against healthcare reform at all.

A vote of “no” simply means, “Go back and make it better.”

We could pass the parts of this bill we agree upon and show true bipartisanship and debate and improve the more controversial parts at a later date.  Something the majority of the American people want us to do.

Most of you, especially the freshman, were sent to Washington on the hopes of transparency and a new era of openness.  In fact all the challengers you will face in the primaries soon and in the election in November are campaigning on changing Washington politics–and frankly on creating a better healthcare solution than this pile of backroom deals written with or by unions and healthcare lobbyists.

Unlike your future challengers, though, you, here today, have a unique opportunity.  The few of you that have been targeted by both sides recently can cast a vote today that could actually change Washington politics forever.  By voting ‘no’ today, you can simply say, “I am not yet ready to vote.  Give me time to understand it and make it better.”  Especially with the ambiguous abortion language…Why must we vote on this on a Sunday when most Americans are at church or enjoying their families right now?

If you vote “no,” you are NOT voting against healthcare reform as your party leaders are telling you.  Instead you are voting for more time to make the ideas better.  More time to clean up the loopholes.  More time to expose and remove the language that was either corruptly added in the process or will lead to corruption in the future.

A “no” vote is a signal to lobbyist and unions and special interests that the era of backroom deals, kickbacks, and intimidation in Washington are over.  Imagine if a handful of democrats stood up in bi-partisan opposition to the poison that created this bill and said, “No, we will do this right.  We will take our time and review all the sections in detail and do what American people are asking us to do.”  Now that truly would be making history….putting political party second, if only for a few weeks, and putting some integrity back into the process.  Talk about making a difference.

Yes, there are a handful of you here who can do what you came here to do and that is clean up Washington politics…or at least send a sharp message to that fact.  And in a week or two there will be another vote with a better version of the bill.  And if you are still uncomfortable with the language in the bill or feel the process is still corrupt, then vote ‘no’ again until a good bill is created in an open and clean process.  Then you can vote ‘yes’ in good conscious, perhaps even with some bipartisan support.

Your leadership will tell you this is just stalling, but you are the majority, you can call for a vote whenever you choose–whenever the bill is something you might be proud to support.

So now that I have told you what a ‘no’ vote truly means, I now can tell you what a ‘yes’ vote truly means.

I am talking to each and everyone of you in this room and all Americans when I say:

A “yes” vote today means that you are satisfied with the exact language in this stack of paper right here.

A “yes” vote today means that you cannot do any better than this!

A “yes” vote today means that you are OK with the poison process that created this bill.

A “yes” vote today means that you are OK with unions and special interests practically writing entire sections and adding in clauses to protect themselves.

A “yes” vote today means that you are willing to change 1/6 of our economy without fully understanding all the changes made the past week…. both what those changes are and WHY they were made.

A “yes” vote today means that when a staffer or a whistle blower comes forward in the next few months or years and writes a book about the corruption and backroom deals, that you will be OK being one of the deciding votes for a flawed bill.

A “yes” vote today means you cannot wait even one more day so that some of us here need not vote on a bill with controversial abortion language on a Sunday during Lent just two weeks before Easter.

A “yes” vote today means you cannot wait one more week to bring this final bill back to your home districts as the founding fathers intended and discuss it with your constituents.

A “yes” vote today means that you understand that over 30 states are already talking about challenging the constitutionality of this bill and that you are OK with the even greater division in America that will result.

A “yes” vote today means that you are casting a vote against the will of the majority of Americans who would rather start over or at least make sure we thoroughly review the language and clean it up.

I am not trying to twist your arm or make promises that I cannot keep.  I am trying, with my word in open debate, as our founding fathers intended, to persuade you to vote your conscience and represent the majority of Americans who want us to do a better job on this bill.  If you vote ‘no’ today because it just doesn’t quite feel right, we can make it better and vote again.  Heck, the democratic leadership can just wait a few days and call for a vote on nearly the same bill and perhaps those butterflies will be gone after you study it some more.  Perhaps with a few more days we will have more accuracy CBO scoring to justify your decision.

Please vote No.  We do not need to pass this monstrosity today.  We can do better than this.  To my colleagues in attendance, thank you for listing to my words.  And to all the Americans who have been so involved in this process (no matter your political party), thanks for your participation as well.

This is a big vote, and I do not envy those democrats in the middle who are still undecided in their heads and in their hearts.  Remember, a “yes” vote puts this enormous convoluted mess in concrete as law in the exact language written here.  A “no” vote, just means, we can do it better.  Please, listen to America–let’s make this a better healthcare bill by voting “no” to the language presented before you today.

God bless all of you, and thanks for your time.

To be used and read on the floor in its entirety, or in part.  Permission granted to use any language/ideas above and no need to give me credit.  Whatever it takes to get that last vote. Good Luck,