Be careful what you sign up for, what you say, to whom you say it and what treatment is administered.



Nothing is ever direct.  The slow incremental attack is the frog in the proverbial every increasing hot water.
How our rights are violated or removed will not be a direct, frontal assault.  It is seemingly meandering and circuitous, but it is never the less intentional.
Rights are taken by atrophy or by theft.  We’re all guilty of both in this case.  Assuming Constitutional rights will always be there, is no longer a given.  The words may still appear on the document, but the licensure, regulation, conflicting government agency regulations will all work in concert to make things nearly impossible to own, acquire or maintain ownership of your ‘private property’.
Are we really that far away now?  And if there is a federal law requiring registration, things will get ugly.  Either many Americans will become criminals or will have their property confiscated within the next 2-4 years.  And most likely without any compensation.  And really, what value would you put on your self-defense?