Recent comments from our new Holy Father, Pope Francis have been translated from a book/interview from 2012.  Excerpts on this subject can be found  here.

The comment that struck me most was this:

“”For the moment, I am in favor of maintaining celibacy, with all its pros and cons, because we have ten centuries of good experiences rather than failures. What happens is that the scandals have an immediate impact. Tradition has weight and validity.””

This is important to note and something that reflects human nature.  As CS Lewis said, when you look outside you can see the garden and landscapes etc. but you often forget about the actual window – which allows this view.

When we get a mosquito bite, we can often only see, feel and sense that bite.  We don’t (sometimes can’t) compare this small annoyance with our body’s total surface area and look at it as a small and maybe insignificant issue.  Nor do we make time to reflect on how often we do things where there are mosquitoes and never get bitten at all.  Likewise, the Holy Father’s comments reflect this aspect of our nature.   You often see and hear all about the incident.  It’s uncomfortable, bothersome and maybe embarrassing.  But rarely are these scandals reported on balance with the non-scandalous and often wonderful, generous, selfless things the church accomplishes.

How fortunate are we?  How often do we overlook that fortune?  How often are we meant to see the beautiful garden, but also grateful that the window is there.  We are called to be aware of these things and clean them up, but we should not shutter the truth out because of it.  We shouldn’t miss the beauty, the weight and validity of the church and what she brings.